Wings of The Centipede | Ch 13

I internally sigh and then hand over a small bottle of pale green water-ish liquid to Sunside. “This’ll help your arm,” I say, not letting the grudge seep into my voice.

Sunside takes the bottle and sips it. She falls over convulsing. The symptoms will worsen over time.

Seaweed busts out a little laptop and starts playing Minecraft on the other side of the mountain.

K is mostly being a creep somewhere. Just creeping around, not weird. He moves away from the group. He is at least a mile away but keeps track of where the group is.

Blackbird sits watching Sunside, with a subtle smile on her face.

Sunside howls. She takes her necklace in her hand and creates a forcefield around herself. She relaxes visibly. Sunside lays her head on the ground and curls up, to sleep for a long time.

Seaweed closes Minecraft, and opens up steam and plays fozora horizon 5.