Join the Team

Join Virtual School Paper’s publishing team for:

Full access to the behind the scenes publishing room on WordPress.
Unlimited classroom interaction on Canvas.

Weekly live meetings with Carly and small groups of contributors on Zoom.

Meet the team!


You can:
-create, edit and publish up to 4 original posts per month.

-Interact with other contributors to build this communal project.

You will learn about:
-publishing online
-giving and recieving constructive criticism
-integrating feedback
-working collaboratively aka being part of a team

-logistics of the online classroom (I got to pick this up on the fly in first year univer$ity, while also trying to digest the course material)

Talk about:
-media, visibility and finding your voice
-things that you like
-things that you don’t like
-things that you’re good at
-things that excite you
-things that worry you
-things that are important to you

-other things; this is about producing media for kids, by kids and there’s no predicting what that will be!

One time drop in

Come try a class! Please specify the date, time and learner's age.


Find the 2018-19 schedule here. 

If you have something to share but don’t want to be a part of the publication team, send it to the editors here.