The Hidden Force

“I put on the dress and step out. The woman is waiting for me and walks me to the dinner table. I’ve never been to a fancy dinner before, much less one with a king! I guess there’s a first time for everything.”
  –  The Hidden Force
The Hidden Force is a story with actionmysterydrama, and just a hint of magic. Long ago, a king abandoned his lover because she was a witch. But that witch was pregnant. Reluctantly, she sent her daughter away far beyond the king’s reaches. Through time and space, itself. But she can’t stay there for long. What will await her when she returns?
Chapter Two
High School of Failures

Eloria starts her first day in her brand-new high school. But something goes wrong. She has to get to the bottom of this soon.

Chapter One
How it all began

A king is in search of a magical cure. Will he find it? What will be the cost of this cure? Will he find something else along the way?

Chapter Three
In the Castle

Eloria treks through the woods. But weird things happen at night. Eventually she gets to the castle. What will happen there?

Chapter Five
The Good Fortune

After leaving the castle Eloria cashes out billions of dollars. She now needs to evade capture and hope the King doesn’t find out what she’s done.

Chapter Four
Dinner was a Disaster

Eloria dines with the King, but dinner does not go as planned. What will happen now? Where will she go?

Chapter Six

A shocking truth is revealed in the mirror of veritas. A secret slips from Adan’s mouth. Truthfully Eloria doesn’t know if she can handle it all. Can she?