The Hidden Force: Chapter V 💰

The Good Fortune

Finally, I reach the town. It’s a big town and almost like a city. 

The first thing to do is sell everything I got from the castle. While only a couple items I still make 50 Billion euros. While I don’t know anything about old or European money I can safely say that’s more than plenty of money for one person. 

Of course I didn’t cash in all the money at once. I sell one thing at a time. But even with that I make over 15 Billion euros. Without any place to put them I stuff them in my bag. 

I check in at the closest inn. Long gone are the times when I’d have to sleep in a tree. Well, it really wasn’t that long ago.

I get to my room and lay down my few items. My stomach growls. I better get something to eat. The only thing I’ve been eating for a week is the inside of tree bark. And I don’t even know if that’s sanitary! 

I head to the nearest restaurant but as I’m heading there I realize I stick out like a sore thumb. 

No one here dresses like I do. I decide it’s best for me to blend in before I dig in. So I head to the nearest boutique and buy 5 dresses. I drop 4 of them off back at the inn. Then I change into a yellow one with short puffy sleeves. 

Finally I arrive at the restaurant. To my surprise there’s no line and I almost immediately get to my table. I sit down and look at the menu. 

After a bit I’ve ordered my food and started eating. A guy my age sits down at a table. He has short brown hair, a sort of dark tan skin, and blue eyes. At first I take no notice of him but then I see the symbol on his messenger bag. I pause for a moment, ‘where have I seen that symbol before’?!

I open my bag where I keep my baby blanket. The symbol on his bag is the same on the blanket! 

As if he knew what I was thinking he looks over at me. He holds his finger up to his mouth, telling me to be quiet. 

I nod hesitantly and wait. He has to have some sort of plan. He keeps looking over his shoulder as though he’s looking for someone. I realize I should be doing the same. The King is probably still looking for me. I still should be on the lookout.

Suddenly two guard-looking men come and try to grab him but he resists. They’re yelling something like ‘witchcraft’ and ‘arrest’. Is he some sort of witch? Am I some sort of witch?!

This goes on for only a couple seconds until the boy’s hands start to glow red. Just like mine had that day I escaped from the King’s castle.

He slowly distances his hands from each other making some sort of orb glowing still. He aims it at one of the guards and it hits them, the orb erupting into dust as it does. 

The guard falls backward onto the floor. Then the boy suddenly disappears and reappears behind the other guard pushing him forward and throwing him onto the floor while he’s off guard. 

“Come” he yells at me. 

I do as he says and follow him back into the woods. We run for a bit and then he pauses and looks over at me. 

“What’s going on?!” I ask impatiently. 

“You’re one of us. And I think I’ve figured out which ‘one’ you are.” he answers cryptically. 

“I still don’t know what you’re talking about!” I nearly yell. 

“You assumed you were abandoned as a baby, right?” he asks. 

“How would you know that?!” I interrogate.

“I know that because it’s not true. I’ve met your mother before and we know the truth!” he explains. 

“We?” I echo. 

“We.” he repeats, “Come with me and you’ll see.”

“We don’t know each other! I don’t even know your name!” 

“It’s Adan,” he answers, “And you should come because your people need you!”

“MY PEOPLE?!” I shout. 

“Yes, your people.” he repeats calmly.

I don’t know if I can trust Adan but I have no one else to tell me who I am. If he truly knows my mom he can help me. She can help me. Whatever happens next I can get through. I still don’t want to believe him but I nod and continue following him deeper into the woods. 

We seem to walk on for hours but after a while I see a few huts. It’s by no means a big or crowded town but I can tell there’s more to this town than meets the eye. 

“Welcome to our witches’ town,” he announces. 

“Can we go in?” I ask, realizing he’s paused standing here. 

“Probably but I’ll have to check with someone real quick.” he answers. 

“Who?” I query. 

“You.” he pauses, “That was a joke. Come in.”

We continue walking. As we walk through the village he leads me to some sort of tent room. He is about to lead us there when he pauses right before opening whatever those tent-curtain-door things are. 

“There’s no easy way to say this but …” he stops again like he’s unsure what to say, “But … magic is real and I know you don’t know that technically yet but if you haven’t guessed that yet then I’d say your kind of just forcing yourself not to know so just go along with it ok?!” he rambles. 

Not knowing how else to respond I walk ahead of him into the tent. And he was right to not immediately let me see this. In hindsight I wish I’d never come here.