The Hidden Force: Chapter II 👶

High School of Failures

Hi, I’m Eloria. Yeah, I know it’s a weird name, but I didn’t pick it. Today I’m starting high school. If you’re asking why a 15-year-old is starting a year late it’s my foster care center, they started me in school a year late. I have zero friends, zero.

So now walking into Cenda Public High School I am completely petrified. Or maybe even more than that! I step inside and look around. I tuck a strand of my shoulder length chocolate brown hair. 

As I walk in I look down at my phone to check my schedule, ‘Socials – Room 142’ it reads. So I head down the hallway. 

I start to feel weird. Like lightheaded, I guess. It feels like I’m a balloon. I look around and everyone is gone, I must be late. I try to run down the hallway to my class but I keep tripping over my own feet. And finally there’s a sound, an echoing in my head that won’t go away. The pain is so bad I fall on the floor screaming. After a few minutes I black out. 

I wake up in the hospital. I sit up. I’m alone on this hospital bed. I look around my black backpack is in the corner of the room. I walk over and pick it up. I open the door slightly and look around. No one is in sight. Luckily the hospital workers kept my clothes the same instead of changing me into a hospital gown. I walk out calmly as if just visiting someone. Thankfully no one sees me. When I get to the lobby a few people are there. I calmly walk past them. 

Once I’m out the door I decide to head towards the library. Maybe I could just head there and check out a book. I don’t think I’m going back to school today. 

When I reach the library I try to walk over to the teen section. But something is stopping me. When I try to continue walking again I end up walking through the exit. When I try to enter again I can’t move. 

I yell angrily but it doesn’t seem like I can do anything. I sit down on steps in defeat. I don’t know what’s wrong with me and I don’t want to be like this anymore. 

Then I see something. Some swirly purple thing. It seems like it just appeared out of nowhere. Instead of feeling forced to go to it I feel like I want to go to it. 

I still don’t know what it is but it feels like home. A feeling I never knew I could feel. I try to reach out to feel it but to my surprise my hand goes right through it. I quickly pull my hand back. Since my hand isn’t hurt I guess it’s safe to go through. Just as I’m about to step through I hear sirens. 

The hospital staff must’ve found out I was here. A few cops and hospital workers try to convince me to go back. I realize that they can’t see the purple swirly thing (whatever it is) so without a second thought I jump through. 

I brace myself for some kind of impact but it never comes. Hesitantly I open my eyes. I’m now in a forest. On the ground there are some strange markings in the shape of a circle. I see a piece of cloth caught on a twig in the middle of the circle. But it looks too familiar. 

Then I realize what it looks like. I open my backpack. I take out my baby blanket I was found with. I know it seems silly but I take it with me everywhere. But now it doesn’t seem so silly because the cloth from the blanket and the cloth on the twig match perfectly. There’s even a perfectly shaped hole where the fabric would’ve gone. 

To my surprise when I turn around there’s a castle in the distance just barely peeking over the many trees. Is it possible I’ve somehow traveled back in time? And why is my baby blanket in an age where castles still exist? 

I decide the easiest way to answer my questions is to head towards the castle. So with a groan I begin the (hopefully not too long) journey to the castle in the distance. 

I take the ripped off piece of cloth with me in case I want to look at it later or if there is something else, I’m missing about it. Or maybe I’ll just sew it back onto the baby blanket. Who knows?