Worms Business | Part VII

The FromageForce agents decided to search the CheeseChunes hotel for signs of Sproing, Worm, and Mammoth. They were having major difficulties with their new case already, as a plane had landed with fans. The fans stopped the agents by running and screaming. The FromageForce was stumped. They couldn’t get through everyone. They decided to use the fans’ specific knowledge of Worm’s album CheeseChunes to discover the hiding place of the three criminals. They failed. Spectacularly. They were just disappointed. They REALLY thought they could.

They’d interviewed fans and thought that it would be useful information. However, all it led to a basement, which it only frustrated the FromageForce. It belonged to Gregory, who was just a boring old citizen of Antarctica, a fan. Suddenly out of nowhere Sproing popped out of the tundran snow. He laughed maniacally and chucked carrots at Gregory. Gregory cried. Agents didn’t notice. They decided to re-search everywhere in the whole world!

To be continued…