Scaredy Volcano and Meganeura

Hot, bubbling lava ran down the volcano’s face. It had never happened before so the volcano was scared. A Meganeura (prehistoric dragonfly) helps the volcano to calm down while the lava is pouring.

The volcano thinks that the lava will be really hot. The meganeura says “Calm down!” but that didn’t work so the meganeura asks a dinosaur to bring some cold water to cool down the lava. The volcano doesn’t like things too cold so they only put some of the water in. At last the volcano is happy.

The happiness only lasted a minute because the volcano started to erupt more! They added more water and a big cloud of steam and smoke came out.

“That’s not good! It means I’m about to erupt hotter lava!” said the worried volcano.

The sky was full of smoke and steam. Acid rain began to pour!

The Meganeura isn’t safe in the air. He needs to go higher! Meganeura needs to protect his wings from the acid rain. After the meganeura flies high above the rain then something terrible happens. The meganeura is run down by a light acid rain cloud! The meganeura is heavy so he falls down and closer to the lava! Then he can see the lava bubbles doing something amazing…

He sees they’re popping and the lava is settling back down! He flies right on to the bubble and lowers his wings. The lava burns away the acid rain and he is freed!

Slowly the lava begins to cool down but it suddenly bursts up high. Then it falls right back into the volcano and all the rocks spill out. Then the meganeura gets something to warm his wings up. He opens up a rock and pours some lava out. The meganeura solves his problem of being too cold and the volcano no longer worries about erupting because now he’s knows it is fine.

The End.

Written and illustrated by Lucy.