Couple things I Learned


I never thought much about the impact of the clothes I buy or wear on the environment and people until I watched [The True Cost] documentary. Some of the  things I learned:

1. Health Impact/cost: As more and more Farmers use GMO cotton everyday it’s poisoning them, their families and communities. Fertilizer, Pesticides the we use will be constantly increasing. Then the effects can be birth defects, diseases, and mental problems.

2. Environmental Impact/cost: Increased destruction and pollution of the wilderness, local communities and water supply. In India 50 million liters from leather factories containing chromium 6 go into the environment every day and it directly impacts people’s livers.

3. Human Impact/cost: The workers in India, china, Bangladesh and Cambodia are treated unfairly and paid very little and work in dangerous conditions sometimes resulting in death. The government doesn’t care and the business’ using these people for profit don’t care.

In the future I will pay more attention to what and where I purchase clothing to help lower the impact of damage to the environment, health and people.

By Logan, 13

Logan is also learning to sew! What a great way to take responsibility in meeting his own apparel needs.

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