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I’m Josie. I’m nine. I have a sister and a brother, and a baby brother. My sister and I are best friends. My brother isn’t very nice but we look out for each other. I want to cook food, and I like creating stuff so I like creating food. My sister is six and my brother three. I like breakfast, it’s so nice in the morning. I like making friends. I like playing video games. I really want a job. I’m allergic to dogs, cats, and I have seasonal allergies.



Hi i’m Audree. I’m 10. I have a little sister and a little brother. My sister and I love each other her favorite thing to with me is play with her barbies and her shopkins . My brother loves playing with nerf guns with me and also likes playing roblox with me. my brother is 6 and my sister is 3. I love animals including cats and dogs. I have a dog named Jean and also have a dog named Bear and 2 cats named Charlie and Salem. My hobbies are painting, drawing, Dancing, Reading, photography, playing with our cats and playing with my dogs.

Hi, I am Brayden, I am 12, and I live in Queensland, Australia. I live near Australia’s famous beach, Surfers Paradise. I really like drawing, gaming and figuring how things work.