Gray smoke clouds well from the quaint little pizzeria, as the three make their escape. The trio continues running until they come across an abandoned lighthouse. They shuffle inside, the room is full of sunbeams and dust, hiding here for the time being.

“I, um… Guys, I have something important… There’s um, her eyes, the waitress. She had lizard eyes!” Juniper stutters, trying to say something that made sense.

Robin interjects, totally cutting off Juniper, she death glares at Don, “WE WERE ABOUT TO GET FOOD! Everything was going to go our way… but NO! We had to run out of there because some little wizard dude is mad at you! I can’t believe this!”

They hear the roar of a creature outside with the force of an explosion, piercing their ears.

“Be quiet…!” Don whispers, glaring back at her sternly. “That THING is probably that waitress we saw. Caliban has very powerful creatures under his power-“

“Umm, yes that is what I’ve been saying,” Juniper says with only a hint of irritation. She then grips onto Robin’s shoe and scurries up her pant leg. “The waitress had lizard eyes!” she exclaims as she stares at them both in worry.

“Gah!” Robin exclaims, “Juniper, warn me next time you do that!” Robin feels something in her pocket as she tries to help Juniper up onto her shoulder. “Oooh yah! I have a protein bar!” she says as she pulls out the chocolate covered snack.

“That will shut her up for awhile.” Don very quietly thinks aloud.

Robin has very good hearing. She had a pet bat once and it had taught her echo location. “I hurr dat!” she mumbled with a mouthful of food, dropping chocolate crumbs from her mouth.

They hear a loud crash. The roof of the lighthouse slowly starts to be ripped off by an unseen hand outside. They hear another roar and they know it’s the waitress.

“When I tell you to shut your mouth, then do as I say!”

Robin exclaims, “WELL! I’m not the one who ticked off Caliban, am I?!”

Juniper, now sitting on Robin’s shoulder, says, “Um, guys, I think maybe it’s time to leave. What do you guys think?” Juniper pauses for a second, staring at the two of them. “Okay never mind let’s just go,” she begins to spin.

A flicker of flame starts around her and then bursts covering them in fire. And they’re gone.