Havens of Tigaisea | CH 7

The three find themselves on a wooden table with a room full of wide-eyed faces gasping at them.

“Hey it’s that pizza place we were going to!” says Robin. “I’m glad we finally got there because I am famished!”

A very shaken looking waitress slowly walks up to them. “M-may I take your order?” she stammers.

“Look, we don’t have time for this–” Don tries.

“HI YES! We will take two double dragon cheese large pizzas, three large milkshakes, and oh! Do you guys want anything?”

“Um Robin, I think, wait… what?”

“Do you guys want anything??” repeats Robin, clearly missing the point.

“Ok, ok! We are getting off topic. I think that Don is right, we should get out of here.”

“ROBIN WANT PIZZA! Robin’s been working very hard!”

“Enough! Why can’t you ever take matters seriously? You’re causing a scene!” Don interjects, clearly not happy about the situation.

“Do you guys not get hungry? Do you not have stomachs? Or hearts?! I’m friggen starving! I need FOOD!”

“Ok, just calm down. Maybe we can compromise? Somehow?”

Robin glares at them both. “How about I get it to go?” When Robin gets incredibly hungry, all rationality is gone.

At this moment Don reflects on the fact that these two are the ones he’s stuck on a long adventure with. This girl, who has seemingly not matured in the last 10 years, has somehow gotten her training as a witch and her familiar mouse is far more competent than she is. “If you wish so.” Don sighs, tiredly.

Robin turns back to the waitress. “Can I please get one medium dragon cheese pizza and one milkshake to go?”

The waitress smiles, “Oh!” she exclaims, then points at Don. “You are the one Master Caliban has been looking for all this time!”

Robin looks directly at Don “Well look who’s causing a scene now!”

“Be quiet! We need to get away from here right now and talking won’t do it!” Don quickly grabs the arms of Robin and Juniper and races through the restaurant to the confusion and panic of the customers.

Juniper looks back apologetically at the waitress and as she does, notices a lizard like glint in her eyes.