Havens of Tigaisea | CH 6

“Get back!” Don yells at Juniper and Robin. “How did you find me, what do you want? Agggh!”

At that moment Caliban send s a curse straight at Don’s chest knocking him back on the forest floor.

“Oh it was easy really, any fool could find this place. First I decided that you must have been hiding somewhere remote as I know how much you dislike company. Then I ordered Raven to go get me a map of Edra so that I could tell her where to look for you. Because Raven is just a bird and has no mind for reading or following anything but the most detailed instruction without messing something up.” Caliban nods over to Raven who is perched in a nearby tree.

Raven fluffs up her feathers and turns her back to Caliban in obvious disgust at his description of her role in locating Don.

Then once she finally found you, she made a map that I could follow to fly us here on The Hero. We even got to pillage a few measly little cargo boats of our way.”

“Hey hey, wait a second! That was my families ship, we had important resources, food and medicine for my village and you just-“

Caliban bursts into evil laughter, “What did you say little mouse? I am the great Caliban and you should be honored to be in my presence! I am the greatest sorce-“

“God this is boring,” Robin groans and rolls her eyes. “Oh. Maybe this could work against him…” she lazily fishes up the (hopefully non-acidic) potion she got from Don’s house.

“No! What are you doing?” Don shouts, but it’s too late, Robin chucks the vile at Caliban, aiming right for his nose.

Caliban gasps and stumbles back as his giant nose, grows larger and larger as his face gets too heavy for him to hold up.

“You will pay for this you little vermin! I will kill you!” Caliban shouts as he lifts his wand to blast them into smithereens.

At that moment Juniper leaps forward pulling Robin towards Don as she spins the three of them away and teleports them with a fwoosh of fire glimmering where they vanished from.