“All” of the Wings | Chapter 1

One morning a Hivewing/Silkwing/Rainwing named Ambrosia travelled to the Kingdom of Sand, in Pyrrhia, to do some shopping. There she met with a Seawing/Rainwing/Nightwing named Blue Eclipse who she “hired” to give her a tour of the city.

“You there!” Ambrosia demanded, eyes glittering. “Do you live here?” She pointed at Eclipse, her posture haughty.

“Yes I do,” said Blue Eclipse absentmindedly while unloading barrels off the ship.

She dug around in a pouch, holding out a talonful of gold. Not coins, just gold lumps. “Show me around.”

“Alright, where to first?” said Blue Eclipse staring at the gold lumps in her talon.

“Anywhere,” she said, flaring her frills up to dispel the heat of the midday sun.

“So, to Sanctuary then.” said Blue Eclipse hurriedly.