My Writing Ideas


Side note: Please do not steal these ideas, I worked hard to think of creative stories and to keep readers happy. Plagiarism is not something I support however if any of these ideas inspire you then feel free to use them only as inspiration and coming up with your own idea from there, thank you.


Hi, everybody 🤠!! Glad to have you back! I decided it would be fun to let you have a chance to choose the next story I write so here we go. (Also, some of these have already been started lol)

Idea 1: A teenage girl was found, lost and alone. She gets sent to a foster family when the police can’t find her family. The family is a group home of other foster children who all welcome her into the family. But it turns out the girl is actually a shapeshifter who was abandoned by her parents. Her foster siblings find out and try to help her adjust to her new life. While they also are protecting her from evil, magic users trying to force her to help them conquer with her shapeshifting abilities.

Idea 2: Adria, a college age adult, travels ‘back in time’ (it’s explained more in the story) to a medieval style world that is supposed to be like our own world. But somehow in this place there is magic and the people taking her in are defending their kingdom from assassins. Also, Adria somehow got her own powers and has to figure out why any of this is happening.

*Why do all of these have teenagers in them?*

Idea 3: Lillith, (an agender person who uses all pronouns.) gets magic powers one day and soon enough criminals with similar powers to them start breaking out of prison. So, Lillith is forced to presume a superhero alias called Bellama and hide her identity and her powers. But soon, people start catching on and she has to keep her and her friends safe. (I don’t like this story as much)

Those are all I have for now. Please comment which one you want me to write. Also, I’m going to finish Hidden Force and Dawn of a New Rising so if you like either of those you don’t have to choose between these 3 and those 2. Thank you and goodbye! 😘👋🏽