Havens of Tigaisea | CH 5

“You are just too nosey, witch. But, alas, I do not know if I can hold you back any longer…” the sorcerer sighs, lowers his wand, and looks Robin in the eye. “I am Don. And I am working to defeat the evil Caliban.”

“Oh my goodness! That is so cool! I had no idea an old guy like you could be so-“

“When I first noticed you down there I thought you might be working for him, knowing Caliban however that couldn’t possibly be the case because he would have surely dispatched you by now.”

“Wait, wait, wait – Robin no interrupting – that… well I guess… makes you our ally.” Juniper peers up at Don with her beady black eyes straining to hold back her tears. “Caliban well he just destroyed my family’s ship. It leaves our whole village with out supplies until we can get it fixed up… Don… I mean Sir… your excellence?”

Don gazes into the distance out of his window, “Yes well he does have the tendency to go after those whom he deems are inferior to himself. He is the definition of a coward, and always has been.”

SMASH! Don is suddenly pulled out of his thoughts as Robin clumsily knocks a vial of liquid off the shelf she had been leaning on.

“For crying out loud, just get out of here, wait in my clearing so I can clear up in peace.” Don quickly rushes over to clean up the bubbling liquid before it burns a hole in the floor.

Robin and Juniper make their way down the ladder.

“How was I supposed to know that was so dangerous? It just looked like sparkly elderberry juice! What is he thinking with that kind of stuff I could have drank the whole thing.” Robin fires off with a grimace.

“Robin maybe you could give him a chance? I mean its not like he even invited us up. It doesn’t seem like he has malicious tendencies if he wants to get rid of Caliban. I mean… I- well if you want to… I though we could try to help him… maybe.”

“Ya well I guess he could be a helpful guy to have around. Maybe he can teach me that potion and I will just slip some in a drink for Caliban and-“

“I will not be teaching you that potion, nor will you ever get close enough to harm even one hair on Caliban’s ugly bent up nose. It would be best if you went home and forgot this day even happened.”

Don takes the key that he brought down from his house and waves it at a spot at the edge of the clearing. A transparent golden gate appears and Don inserts the key.

“Wait… your Excellence, Sir… I was just thinking that we-” Juniper starts

As Don turns to face Juniper he opens the gate.

“-we could -Ahhhhhhh!” Juniper screams as she stares straight into Caliban’s evil dark eyes.”