Cronichles of Wonderland: Book I

Mad Hatter:

The Mad hatter was playing his card games as usual when he realized teatime had already begun. He leapt for his bike and cycled to the nearest teashop. He looked at the tea menu and noticed it had started raining unsweetened iced tea. He ran outside with his tea umbrella and gathered the tea for later.

Queen of Hearts

The Queen of Hearts needed batteries for her scepter/flashlight and so she went to the store and wiped her dirty feet on the mat. Playing croquet had gotten her frilly dress muddy as well. But croquet makes one quite hungry. Luckily, they were selling barbeque in the store that she bought the batteries from. It came with a free burger as well. She rode to her humble castle on a local bus. And when she got home, she put on her noise cancelling headphones to drown out the construction noise from next door.

Duchess & Cheshire Cat

Everyone in the crowd thought the Duchess was odd. She had acquired another animal baby to call her own. This was the Cheshire Cat’s child. The Cheshire Cat was furious that her child was stolen she chased the Duchess through the Wonderlandian Cacti. But soon the angry mother was distracted by pizza. While the cat was busy the Duchess legally adopted her child. The Cat was busy listening to podcasts on how to steal back your child that was legally adopted by someone else.