Havens of Tigaisea | CH 4


Back in the not yet known forest Robin stands up and dusts herself off.

“What the heck?” says Robin in pure astonishment. “I thought you were just some – what do I know – annoying, so-called genius who lives in isolation. Not a full blown sorcerer!”

“Hey Robin – maybe we should stop insulting the kind, mature, mage – in his lovely handcrafted home?”

“For pity’s sake just stop talking!” The old man jumps down from the treehouse. “Or you could simply remember what I asked of you a mere minute ago!”

“Asked what?” Robin wonders as she scratches her head.

The old man sighs heavily and rolls his eyes. Puzzling over how to get his point across.

“How can I put this in a way that someone with very little intelligence, such as yourself, can comprehend? Get-out-of-my-forest!” the old man shouts as he points a finger at the two intruders.

“Okay, okay we get it. Its not like you haven’t said that at least twice now. Come on Juniper, let’s get out of here!” Robin looks down at Juniper with anticipation.

“Oh ya – totally- I’m just having a bit of trouble at the moment,” Juniper mumbles nervously. “Ya this isn’t working, something is holding back my powers.”

Juniper spins twice more trying to get them away. The old man just stares then laughs.

“Ah, a teleporter I see. I do not know how you lot even got here, but unfortunately I’ve put up a magic gate around these woods.” the sorcerer smiles smugly. “If I may be so kind, I have the key right… huh, that’s odd. I don’t actually have the key on my person. Just wait right there while I fetch it.”

Robin quickly follows the old man into his home without being invited. Juniper follows behind nervously.

“Wow! this is actually really nice for some sticks in a tree. ” Robin exclaims. “Oh, this looks cool,” she says as she picks up what seems to be a potion. “So what is your name anyway?”

“I told you to stay there!”

The old man yells as he turns on Robin and Juniper raising his wand with a look of fury in his eyes.