Havens of Tigaisea | CH 3

Meanwhile on the Isle of Joy an old sorcerer plots a scheme to infiltrate the Council of Tigaisea.

“They are meeting again this week, Raven!” Caliban shouts to his familiar, a snow white dove who is perched on the windowsill as he paces back and forth with an evil scowl. Raven coos in agreement. “I know we are running out of time Raven, but we still haven’t successfully penetrated the magical defenses of the council chambers without completely draining my powers. Why is being evil so hard!”

Raven just coos and blinks his deep red eyes as he ruffles his feathers in frustration as he has heard this all before.

“Ah, of course, Raven why didn’t I think of actually making up a plan and following through I’m tired of going in circles. Lets just do it!” The sorcerer says, as he steps into the barren landscape of the Ilse of Joy.

Raven follows behind Caliban which isn’t the most difficult thing to do, as the old man is pretty slow.

“What do you mean do what? We are going to do the plan, just shut up and follow me you dumb pigeon!”

Raven just stares with disgust at his master as he flies ahead to perch on the bow of The Hero, a giant, expensive airship that looms on the dock at the edge of the Ilse of Joy.