The Hidden Force: Chapter XV 往

The Bad Fortune

It all started when Star hurt her leg. We were practicing jumps when she missed one. I was a little bruised but Star was slightly less fortunate. It would take her about a week to recover even after we used the best magic here. 

I felt bad even after Itzel comforted me multiple times. She was a good friend. I knew Star was still happy and healthy even if her leg was injured. I knew she would get better soon. 

Before the accident I would ride Star into the forest every night to look at the night sky. I thought it was ironic that a horse named Star liked to be under the stars. It was a nice escape from responsibility and worry and stress.

My life with the witches was one Id never been prepared for. One I should have been prepared for. I would have been if my mother was here. She would be Queen and Id be ready to take her crown after decades of prosperous rule. That was how it should have gone. I wish thats what happened. 

The next terrible thing that happened was when Adan finally got better he wanted to go invade the castle. After recovering from a battle I could have fought in. A battle he had just recovered from. I thought he was insane but Itzel thought it was a good idea. Were leaving in three weeks time. 

If I am not ready and trained by then we will lose. No one has told me this out right because Itzel and Adan would gladly beat up anyone who tried to stress me out as if they were my own parents. I know there are people who think I shouldnt lead. I dont think Im ready to and I know my mother would do a better job but Im all this town has. 

My power is enhanced but out of control, I know nothing about politics and Im trying to learn it all so quickly. I could rule but Im just not ready. Hopefully one day I will but that day should after Ive lived a lot longer and when Im so much more ready. 

And someday hopefully the King will stop hurting the witches. They will be free to just live as they are without fear. That is what we all hope for now. For now there is only hope. 

At night something even more terrible happened. I am woken up by people talking in a state of fear at this hour every one should be asleep. I nearly trip down the stairs but I finally get outside. 

Eloria something happened! Melia tells me.

What? Whats going on?! I ask. 

My friends led me over to the storage area of the town which I had never seen before. Except its mostly empty now. All the food is gone and so are some of the weapons. Whatever is left has been carelessly thrown around. 

Who did this?! I demand to know. 

The King, he’s gone too far this time. Terence explains. 

I turn around to face the castle, He went too far long ago.

With determination I run to Adans tent. I wake him up and tell him about what the King has done with the supplies. He is equally furious as me. He paces back and forth in his tent.

What can we do? he asks. 

Nothing, I reply, Unless we fight back. 

How? How would we fight back? Adan asks.

With a smile I say, Ive stolen from them before. So I say it would be only fair to take an equal amount of supplies from them as they took from us. 

Adan shakes his head, No its too dangerous. Theyre still looking for you. They cant find you no matter what happens. 

To be fair, that’s a good point but I need to do something. I rack my brain and then finally I come up with an idea. 

Teach me to use my power. 

Adan laughs as if Im joking, No, I couldnt do that.

Why not?! I yell. 

He considers my question for a moment then says, Its tradition that a royal teaches another royal to use their magic. Itzel unfortunately is not considered royal because the curse took away some of her power. Other than her theres no one here who can teach you. Im sorry.

Well then, Im going anyway. Ill just have to teach myself how to use  my own magic. my eagerness catches me off guard. Only a week ago this would be something close to a nightmare now I just want the King to leave us alone. 

I cant stop you, can I? Adan asks, he sighs then says, Fine but Itzel and I will go with you.