Havens of Tigaisea | CH 2

“Oh geeze, where did you take us now?”

Robin and Juniper appeared in an unfamiliar place in the woods. The thick canopy of forest blocks out most of the sunrays. Robin and Juniper squint around trying to figure out where they are and how they are going to get back to town for pizza. At that moment Juniper notices a big treehouse tucked high in the branches of the largest tree she has ever seen.

“What is that, that is a big tree, and Robin, there is a giant treehouse up there. I don’t think we are alone here,” she mutters nervously.

Before Juniper finishes her sentence Robin already had her foot up on the second rung of the ladder.

“This is so cool! Juniper hurry u-“

“Get off my lawn! And you witch, get away from my ladder!” bellows the old man.

A grumpy old man, with a beak-like nose peered down from the door with an expression of disgust at the strangers invading his quiet and secluded residence.

“You can’t tell me what to do you weird old man. Its not like you own the place.” Robin replied without thinking.

“Ahh, Robin? I-I’m p-pretty sure that is his house… like so that would mean he does kind of own it…” Juniper whispers to Robin as she backs away nervously.

The old man sighs. “What have mages come to when their familiar animals seem to possess more intelligence than they do themselves?” He shrugs with resignation.

“Well excuse you! We-were-just-teleported-away-from-our-pizza-and-now-we-are-trying-to-get-back-to-our-pizza-and-you-are-annoyingly-in-the-way-and-now-I-bet-you-are-hiding-something-because-hello-so-rude-and-in-the-middle-of-the-woods?!”

“Silence!” The old man waves his hand and a sudden gust of wind knocks Robin off the ladder and onto the forest floor.