The Hidden Force: Chapter XIV 🗡

Beware of the king

While I am heading back to the cabin, I hear horses. Not ones in the stables. The noises are distant, and they come from in the woods. I turn to the noise. It becomes louder. Then I see a light, lantern or candlelight from the darkness. I back up and run to Adan’s tent. 

“THEY’RE HERE!” I yell in a panic. 

“What?! Now?” Adan asks, getting up. 

“The King’s men are here! I know it’s them!” I repeat. 

Adan runs to Itzel and together they wake up with witches’ guards. I watch as the guards rush to protect the perimeter of the witches’ town. Other witches come out of their tents to see what all the commotion is about. 

Itzel runs to a shed to grab two swords. She gives one to Adan and keeps the other for herself. They separate and help guard the perimeter. 

I rush to Adan, “What am I supposed to do?!” 

“Go home.” Adan suggests. 

Unwilling to accept the fact I say, “No they’re here for me, the princess.” Calling myself a princess still doesn’t sound right but I know it’s true. 

“Exactly so you need to stay safe.” Adan reminds me. 

The King’s men are approaching the guards now. I back up in fear. The sound of their horses’ hooves hitting the ground seems to shake the earth. With a glance I see one of the King’s guards looking over at me as if to tell me to, ‘Run’. 

As if following directions I sprint away. I run inside the cabin and rush upstairs to watch what happens next. Both sides begin sword fighting. Our side is using magic as well to throw guards into trees but more and more men seem to be coming to replace them. I look over and see that Adan is injured. A cut through his shoulder. 

I run back outside where Itzel is carrying Adan back inside. He looks like he also got a twisted ankle. 

“Itzel is Adan going to be ok?” I ask, trying to be helpful. 

“Yes but could you go back upstairs? I’ll heal him. I just need to focus and make sure he’s ok.” Itzel says in a stern voice. 

“I- ok” I say, giving in. I walk back upstairs and lay in my bed trying to ignore the fighting like the rest of the witches’ should be doing. 

Through the window I can see Itzel using a mix of herbs, bandages, and magic to heal Adan. I can’t tell from up here but I think Itzel started crying. Adan’s eyes are closed. Itzel and a few other witches carry him off to his tent. Itzel walks inside and I can’t see what happens past that point. 

Without knowing when I fell asleep I wake up the next morning. Itzel is waiting for me downstairs, probably guessing that I’d ask about Adan.

“He’s getting better.” she tells me. 

“Can I see him?” I ask cautiously. 

She sighs then nods. Itzel leads me to his tent. I walk in to see that he is laying on the bed, resting. When he finally sees me he sits up and smiles. His wound on his shoulder is almost healed. 

“Hi Adan.” I say. 

“Hello Eloria.” he replies. 

“Are you feeling any better?” I ask. 

“Yes and it’s all thanks to Itzel.” he points in her direction. She blushes and smiles at him. 

“I’ll be on my way then.” I tell them. 

After opening the tent ‘door’ I walk over to the witches I met yesterday. Now I know all of their names. There’s Naida, Hansel, Fay, Melia, and Terence. A few of them have scrapes on them from all the fighting last night but thankfully nothing too bad. 

“Hey.” Melia greets me.

“Hey.” I respond. 

“How are you? I mean are you all ok?” Hansel asks. 

“I’m feeling a bit better.” Naida responds, “How is your friend doing, Eloria?” she asks next. 

“Yeah, is he ok?” Fay asks, biting her nails from anxiety. 

“Yes, he’s doing a lot better.” I announce. 

“We shouldn’t stress about it too much. We all did our best. That’s what matters.” Terence says. I nod even though I know I could’ve done so much more to help. I will help these witches and everyone here. No questions asked.