Havens of Tigaisea | CH 1

“You are probably wondering how we got in this situation so let’s backtrack a little to tell you how it all started. I’m Robin and this is Juniper and we have been friends forever. Juniper is the rational thinker in our duo and I tend to get us into some very unfortunate situations including this one.”


It was a Wednesday afternoon in the forest on the edge of Edra, a small town in the Tigaisea Empire. Juniper’s airship was anchored for the day as her family was stocking it with supplies for the next week. Robin was meeting up with them to try to help fix damage that was done to the airship by raiders that attacked them on their way to Edra.

“Robin, how are the repairs going? Did you find all the parts you needed?”

“Yes, and not so good. Those raiders did a number on your ship, it might take a couple days to get it up and running.”

Juniper sighed with disappointment, “Alright well thanks, I know you are trying your best. Well if you’re done for the night we could go out for our favorite acorn and dragon cheese pizza!”

“Sounds good, give me ten seconds and I will race you there!”

Before ten seconds was up Robin started running as fast as she could.

“Hey! You said ten seconds, I’m already at a disadvantage because of my little legs. Get back here you cheater!”

At that moment Juniper starts to spin and teleport herself out in front of Robin. Unfortunately Juniper’s teleportation skills are lacking and she accidentally pulls Robin into her magic and they both disappear with a disappointing fizzled out spark.