Wings Of The Centipede | Ch 17

From under the grass comes a spray of cookie crumbs. It’s Tommy! He’s building a cookie mine.

“Chocolate chip! Ginger Snap! This valley is a perfect landing pad for my cookie shipments!” Tommy yelled with joy.

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Seaweed notices a huge rocket ship in the valley. At first he thinks it’s an air raid. He yells to K “Get behind the mountain!” as he runs for cover behind the mountain.

K gets behind the mountain.

I am far away from certain aforementioned beings, eating a fruit slushy made of various kinds of fruit, except bananas. I hate bananas.

As K runs behind the mountain a pile of snow gets knocked loose from the rocket ship blast and starts an avalanche. K gets carried down the mountain where the ground collapses into Tommy’s Cookie mine. K falls down the mining shaft as is lost for the time being.

Seaweed saw the avalanche just as it started and took off into the air avoiding getting swept away himself. Staring as though Seaweed expected this to happen as K disappeared in the crevasse.

Blackbird was just finishing up their fruit slushy minus the bananas when they heard the far off rumblings from the valley on the other side of the mountain. They nonchalantly take the last sip and tosses away the cup.

Seaweed takes off and flies in a random direction to try to find Blackbird. After about 15 minutes of flying, Seaweed notices a blue/turquoise, rust-red, and black figure sitting at a slushy bar. Seaweed thought that might be Blackbird so he flew down to check it out.

“Hey,” Blackbird said with a nod, holding out a cup filled with pink liquid. “Slushy?” They now have sunglasses on, and are sunbathing.

“Sure” said seaweed as he got out his coin pouch and bought a slushy.