The Hidden Force: Chapter XIII 📚

The library

The next day the sun rises, and I wake up. For a moment I forget where I am. This is all so new to me. 

I go downstairs to find a plate of warm and fresh breakfast waiting for me. Itzel is already eating her breakfast, so I sit at the table and begin to eat. I look back at her hoping she’ll take this opportunity to start a conversation with me since truthfully, I do not know all that much about her. 

“I have to go.” she gets up from the table, “I’ve got to trade for supplies in town today. 

“Isn’t that dangerous considering the King is still looking for us.” I ask, wondering why only I couldn’t stay in town. 

“We have spies everywhere, including Adan, and they don’t know I’m me because of the spell.” she answers. 

“Wait, Adan’s a spy?!” I chuckle at the thought of this being true.

“What do you think he was doing the day he found you?” she counters. I nod in agreement. 

“I guess you’re right.” I admit sheepishly. 

She nods back. Then she awkwardly waves and walks out the door. I head over to the library. I’m curious about what kind of books they have. Most likely they would be similar to the books I would read in school that the teacher then would consider ‘classics’. Could they possibly contain Shakespeare? I don’t see why not. 

With a skip in my step I enter the library. The smell of books, vanilla candles, and tea enters my nose. Light from a window outside illuminates the area. The books are eloquently lined on shelves. The sound of my boots hitting the hardwood floor echoes through the space. I grab a couple books and sit on a soft sofa. 

The books are all paper. With rough sharp edges they could easily give someone a papercut. I’ll try not to do that I guess. 

With a determined intent I begin reading the first book. Knowing I will soon forget the passage of time and finish these books today. That is if they’re any good. 

Like I predicted, an indiscernible amount of time has passed when I finish the books I’ve picked out. Considering the hunger I feel it’s probably around lunch time. 

I head to the kitchen where some witches are preparing food. They are quite focused but as soon as they notice me standing there they smile at me. I smile back politely. 

“Is there any food for me?” I ask one of the witches. 

She nods and hands me a plate with steak and salad. As I grab it she hands me a glass of milk. 

“Thank you.” I say.

Then I eagerly put my plate and glass on the dining table and sit down. I grab another book from the library to read while I eat. Back when I could actually use my phone I would watch videos while I was eating. This is a good replacement for that. Well as long as I do not get food on my book. 

“What are you doing?” Itzel asks before I realize she got back. 

“Reading, eating.” I respond, “Reading and eating.” I correct myself.

“Why are you doing both at once?” she asks with a laugh. 

“I don’t know.” I admit it honestly. 

With that Itzel heads upstairs. I continue reading happily. The food here isn’t as flavorful as the meals I’ve liked more but it has its own charm. It might actually be a charm considering the people making this food have magic. 

I take some more books from the library up to my room and put them away in a drawer. Then I take out my notebook once more and begin to write. I write a diary entry, I draw, I write poems. This is another hobby that has begun to replace my phone. 

By the time I’ve finished writing it is already evening. I go out of the cabin and into the witches’ town. People are talking in groups. I see a group of people my age talking together and decide to introduce myself. I have nothing to lose right?

“Hi, I’m-”

“You’re Eloria.” a girl from the group says. 

“Yes I am. I was wondering if I could talk to you all for a bit?” I ask. 

“Of course,” a boy from the group says, while offering me a seat next to him.