Worm’s Business | Part XXI

Official Report

To: Fromage Force

Composed by: Mr. Mister, on Monday the 4th of July, 2022.

Mammoth was conversing loudly with Detective Cheddar at the site of crime. Their interaction was disruptive, unprofessional, idiotic and nothing like police would act. The detective is in high surveillance operations with Mammoth. They argue constantly about frivolous subjects and production has failed. When questioned they answered. I have no faith in the detective’s braincells. I want them all fired! Please.

Dear Mr. Mister,

We thank you for your concerns. Detective Cheddar will be attending court in Antarctica this coming Hallowe’en. The jury will be composed of squashes, so there will be no biases or issues during the trial. Pumpkins will not count.

We hope this addresses your concerns.


The FromageForce (a minor division of the police dedicated to preserving cheeses and eliminating vegan cheeses)