Worm’s Business | Part XX

Erodie cartwheeled over, dropping his top-hat on the way. “Oh no! I cartwheeled wrong! This elevator’s messing with my natural grace.”

The elevator was in fact not messing with anything, it was honestly just being a knocked over elevator. “SURE BUDDY.”

“Sigh,” Erodie slumped, “I’ll help elevator. I am a professional… elevator… fixer.”

“Isn’t it a nice cheesecake?” sighed Mammoth. This was the ultra-super-deluxe-legendary cheesecake from some bakery place. Detective Cheddar sighed. He kinda missed him, but at this moment he did not and was rather mad.

“mAMMOTH!! What are you doing? You cheese-addicted pepperoni pizza stinking blockhead!”

“Oh thank you!” Mammoth gushed. “I’ve never had that assortment of words spoken so kindly about little me!”

“It wasn’t a complement you doofus! Honestly I miss you, and that’s a scientifically proven path to fiasco!”

“What does that have to do with absolutely anything?” Mammoth chewed intensely. “MMmmm, this is yummy cheesecake. Do you enjoy dessert?”

“MAAMMOTH! Do you have braincells left? Everyone enjoys dessert!”

Mr. Mister saw them arguing and thought This is good. I can use this opportunity to file a report to the FromageForce.

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