Wings of The Centipede |CH 16

I emerge behind Seaweed and say “Yah got them chicky nuggies?”

“Alright” Seaweed gives him the nuggets.

K starts talking about snacking, bla bla, how to use a fork, bla bla, why you shouldn’t use a fork when eating sushi, only chopsticks…bla bla bla.

Seaweed checks his phone for messages and starts playing a game.

“Dang these are some good chicky nuggies yah got!”

Seaweed says “Huh?” very absent mindedly.

“Did you know that chicken nuggies were invented by MacDuckles?”

“Okaay” Seaweed says again, very absent mindedly.

“Have you heard the tragedy of Darth Plagus The Wise?”

I look up like “What?”

I proceed to tell him the tragedy of Darth Plagus The Wise.

I plug in my headphones and ignore him because I’m not in the mood to listen to the tragedy of Darth Plagus The Wise.

“Didn’t someone ever tell you that it’s really hard to talk to someone who is on their phone?”

“Yes but I don’t care.”