The Hidden Force: Chapter X 🐎

Some Company

I walk next to the horse, running my hand across it as I walk. I look over at it. The horse seems calm and relaxed looking back at me with kind eyes.

I place my hands firmly on its back. I check to see if it will allow me to get on. It looks forward as if waiting for me to get on. I pull myself up, a motion that comes strangely natural considering I’ve never been this close to a horse before. 

Feeling unbalanced I wrap my hands around its neck. When I feel ready I sit up straight holding its mane gently so I won’t hurt it. 

Without warning the horse runs off with me into the forest. I cling onto it hoping I will not fall off. 

“Stop!” I plead. The horse comes to a halt. I look around. We’re still in the forest. Likely farther away from the castle then I was before. 

“Can you take me back?” I ask. Then the horse runs again I close my eyes and when we stop and I open my eyes we’re back where we were before. 

This horse will need food and water. It can stay here in the forest. I’ll have to steal some hay for it and it won’t stay too close to the castle. I have to give it a name if I’m going to care for it. 

“What’s your name?” I ask, rubbing her gently. 

There are so many names and I think that this horse deserves a good one, “Star?” I ask, smiling. She responds happily, agreeing to her new name. 

I bring her to a spot in the forest with some hay I took from the stables. She lays down, feeling comfortable.

“I’ll be back tomorrow.” I promise. 

When I head back to the stables it is close to midnight. I’m exhausted and fall down into the hay. I immediately fall asleep. 

The next morning I hear someone yell something about checking on the horses. I panic, quickly grabbing my things and running to a hiding place in the woods. 

From the tree where I’m hiding I can see a stable boy cleaning up the stables, replenishing the supplies. From my tree I see exactly where he’s getting his supplies from. There’s a shed with a note nailed to the side. The note read, ‘Delivery for the Stables, 2 days.’ Other notes are nailed to the shed but this one has the most recent date. 

I still don’t know what exact day I’m in but 2 days isn’t very long to wait. When the next shipment arrives I’ll take extra supplies they might leave behind. Hopefully that’s enough for Star. 

At night I see a horse-drawn wagon being pulled into the castle. This gives me clarification on what day it is here. I know now that it’s June 16th, 1829. Although for all I know the shipment could have been a day early or late. 

The worker gets off the horse and walks into the castle to ask for a room. This is when I make my move. I run to the wagon, open it and grab hay, apples, brushes, rope, saddles and a few other things. Then I sprint over to where I hid Star. 

She’s happily waiting for me. I’ll put the supplies in a nearby tree hidden by some leaves so no one will find it. 

“Will you let me put a saddle on you?” I ask. While laying the saddle on her she is relaxed. I thought it would be more difficult to saddle up a wild horse. Maybe it’s beginner’s luck. 

Then, I tie the rope under Star’s saddles, securing an empty bag to he side. I put a water jug, hay and some apples in the bag. The rest of my supplies are light enough for me to carry in my bag when we sneak into the witches’ town. 

I only have one more day and one more heist here. I’ll take some food and ride Star to the witches’ town. 

After hours of being with Star by the tree I start to get tired. I take off her saddle and put it in the hiding spot. I say goodbye to Star and head back to the stables to sleep. Slowly, my eyes close and the world goes silent. 

I wake up the next morning, walk through the servants’ entrance, find 3 sandwiches and carrots, steal them and head back to Star. 

After looking back at the castle I’m ready to go to the witches’ town. 

“Star, let’s go” I announce, I lead her to the witches’ town. I get off her and find a place to stay in a tree nearby.