Wings of The Centipede | Ch 15

I get out my phone and text K “Hey what you doing?”


“Where ya creepin to?”

“I’m like a mile north of your position”

I take out my compass. “North is behind me”

“Watch your back, Nerd!”

I fly to the other side of the mountain.

I fade invisible and follow Seaweed quietly, bored.

K texts Seaweed “So you got any chicky nuggies?”

“I think theres a few in my MRE”

“I would enjoy the chicky nuggie”

“Send me your coordinates so I can drop you some”

“that’s not exactly what I was thinking”


K ghosts him awhile.

“guess you’re not getting those chicky nuggies”

“guess you’re not getting a sense of safety”

I fly to the top of the mountain.

“I can see you”

“I don’t care”

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