Dawn Of A New Rising: Chapter II

Chapter 2 – Lily

Lily was scared, worried, frightened. Her mother had done a good job of protecting her until just two years ago when she was found out. No one cared that she was still one of them! No one cared about her! They ripped her away from her mother! Of course, she was 14 now and old enough to understand why this was. But it didn’t mean she was okay with their decision now. 

She decided to hide amongst the humans where she was meant to hide. Members of her species would eventually become so good at looking and acting human that they themselves would even forget they weren’t. 

Her species was proof that power wasn’t all that mattered. Camouflage was just as important. Of course, a human disguise wouldn’t mask Lily’s British accent but that was more a natural part of being one of the magic species or human. 

She wasn’t very good at hiding all the time though. Her outspoken personality got her to quickly regret having it every time it got someone suspicious of her or angry at her. But it was also her few friend’s (who she had to leave behind) favorite quality about her. So maybe it wasn’t all that bad. 

She tucked back a strand of her sunshine-blond hair that reached to nearly the back of her knees. Her sharp blue eyes wandered to all the new sights around her. 

Maybe I should’ve explained sooner but she’s walking to her first day at her new school, the same school we’ve heard about not so long ago. Dawn’s school. She had no school supplies and wasn’t technically allowed to go to that school but that had never stopped her before. 

Her powers easily let her live her life easy and how it should’ve been lived. As a human. See, no one ever in existence was happy with their power. Some beings were just simply less unhappy or better at hiding their pain and sadness. So you could argue any of them were meant to be normal and human. 

But she doesn’t have the same regrets about her power most other beings do. She regretted being the new and improved species that she was. She wished she was fairy-like her mother. And everyone she once knew before she was banished.

She arrived at school and simply walked in with all the other real students. She sat down in one of the first classrooms she could find. She came just on time. The rest of the students started walking in at the same time as her. She could easily get mistaken in the crowd for someone who was supposed to be here. 

She took a seat in the very back of the classroom to avoid being seen. But for attendance, she would just have to pretend her name was called out without anyone realizing she hadn’t said her name to any of the teacher’s names he was calling out. 

Luckily it was Monday and that meant no one cared enough to call her out or even notice she was there. So she calmed down as the teacher moved on. Talking about how they would have a class trip to the zoo soon. 

Out of the corner of her eye, she sees a girl in the other corner of the room write something down on a paper nervously and gives it to the teacher, passing it off as a doctor’s note. 

This distracts Lily. She doesn’t know what to make of this. But she was sure she’d come up with something. 

A bit later at lunch, she sat down in a small corner of the cafeteria. She did this a lot. Not just because she didn’t know anyone but also to watch. To see who and how they talked to people around them. It was an odd but fun habit she got herself into only months ago. 

She sees the girl from her first class this morning, the one who got the fake doctor’s note, the one she found out’s name is Dawn. She sees two other girls from that class sitting next to Dawn. They both look nervous. The two girls start asking Dawn something that Lily can’t exactly pick up on. 

But at the very last second of their conversation, Lily hears Dawn say “O-Okay but not here”. They all follow her to the woods behind the school. Lily’s curiosity gets the best of her and she follows them. As soon as she’s out of sight she turns herself invisible. 

She walks up to them so she can hear their conversation. One of the girls (the small one with brown eyes, long brown hair, and pale skin) begins to speak. 

She says “Okay, you can tell us now”. Lily waits patiently for Dawn to answer. Whatever it is Lily or anyone would be able to help. 

Lily hears Dawn say, “I’m sorry” as she runs away. Her friends decide against chasing after her but Lily doesn’t know any better. She runs after her. She can since Dawn can’t exactly see her now. 

Lily follows her to what she assumes is her house. She is about to follow her in when she feels her invisibility spell wear off. She gasps and stands up against one of the walls. She does have one last trick up her sleeve though. 

She lifts her elbows up then pushes her palms down. Lifting her up next to the window. She sees Dawn go into her room. Lily hears someone else come in and when they do she can’t believe her eyes. 

It all made sense now! But she realized once again she had put herself in danger due to her curiosity. The person who joined Dawn in her room had been the leader of the vampires!

Vampires and fairies had been rivals since the 1800s! Ever since a part fairy warrior had caused the demise of a part vampire tyrant known as Septhis! While Lily was not a fairy after all she was very closely related to them. 

Lily floated down slowly. But she wasn’t going to give up. She knew Dawn’s secret now. She could help her. The only question was how? 

How would she hide from Dawn’s mom and help Dawn at the same time? It wasn’t impossible but it was a tricky balance. She wanted to just leave her here. But she had an idea. 

She flies back up to the window. Dawn’s mom had already left. Dawn was just sitting on her bed. Not doing anything. So Lily decides to knock on her window. But then immediately ducks, not knowing how Dawn will respond. Dawn looks over at her window. She doesn’t see anyone at first so she turns away. 

Lilly musters up enough courage to knock again and this time she doesn’t hide. Dawn looks over at her, shocked to see her flying! No one really knows yet about a creature who can fly without wings! But here she was in front of her. 

Dawn opens her window, “WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!”. 

Lily smiles, “I’m here to help you!” she proclaims. 

Dawn looks at her blankly for a minute not knowing how to respond. Lily doesn’t wait for her and simply flies in through the open window.

She looks over to Dawn, “I know” she says calmly. 

“How?” Dawn’s emotionless response makes it seem like she is not asking but telling her in a sentence. 

“I just do” Lily answers nervously, not wanting to tell Dawn how she basically has been spying on her all day. Even though it should’ve been obvious by how they met. Lily walked over to Dawn’s pet bunny. 

“Aww,” she says, petting him on the ear as he begins to awaken. Dawn moves her away from him. Lily looks back at Dawn and listens to her unspoken discouragement. 

“Um, so were you born one or made?” Lily asks. 

“I was made today into-” Dawn begins getting cut off by Lily. 

“And you don’t want to be one?” she quizzes again. 

“Of course not!” Dawn remarks, “But it’s too late isn’t it?” she continues. 

“Depends on what you mean.” Lily starts. 

Dawn looks at her quizzically. She doesn’t know what Lily means by this. She is about to ask when Dawn’s mom starts to come back up and Lily nearly sprints out the window and floats away from the house. 

Dawn feels something in her hand. It’s a note. It says, ‘My name is Lily. I want to help you and I’ll be back soon.’

Dawn doesn’t know what to think but she knows she should feel something. She just doesn’t have the energy (or patience) to think of what that might be. 

Lily flies over to an empty hotel room. 

She usually does this because she can and because she doesn’t want to sleep out on the streets if she could just stay here every night.

During the school year, not many people came here anyway so it was easier to do this now. Lily knows she did the right thing today. But she doesn’t know how she continues getting away with this. 

But for now, she can just be happy, normal, and safe. Maybe something good will come out of this for her too. Wouldn’t it be something special? 

Lily can only dream. And that she does. But not about how this could help her. About her family. About her old life. And about everything in between. She knew she’d never been normal but maybe she could fit in with the fairies again. Maybe one day they’d accept her and treat her fairly. Wouldn’t that be a sight to see? 

But for now, there is only peace, serenity, silence, and dusk. But there wasn’t any security, safety. The silence felt broken, the peace felt torn, the serenity felt taken and dusk fell to midnight. 

The dream was taken and a nightmare replaced it. Something horrid and dreadful that Lily felt she’d caused somehow. Like this was her fault. Even though she hadn’t done anything wrong. 

Her mind raced and her heart hurt. It felt as if everything had gone wrong and she couldn’t help it, stop it or prevent it. It felt as though floodgates were being opened onto a village of all good things and destroyed it. Lily didn’t know why she felt this way but she did. 

Because something happened. Something that wasn’t Lily’s fault. Hmm. What could that be? Wait a minute! I think I’ve got it! I can show you or rather tell you. But we need to go back over to Dawn. 

Because this is about what happened to her. And I think you’d be surprised what she gets herself into in such a short amount of time. Because of this, I need to prepare. I need to gather all my knowledge and figure out exactly what happened and how it happened.

If you would like to help, here’s what you can do. You can go to a friend, cousin, mother or father or anyone else you know and ask them to read everything up to this point with you again. 

Once you’re done with that try and piece together what you think happened. Write it down in a notebook and I’ll use my author powers to see what you wrote. 

Whether it’s right or wrong it will greatly help me. But if you want to try and get it right then we can work through this together. However long or short you spend looking for the answers it will help. 

Like I said I think I have a hunch. But if you complete the steps I just told you then it will be much more clear to me exactly what happened. And therefore I will be able to tell you the rest of the story much better. It’s a bit of give and take. 

Why? You might be asking. Because your perspective will shape out anything I forgot. Or anything you interpreted differently will help me realize what already happened while we were focused on someone else. Or how someone or something came into play so quickly. And without a warning.