Wings of the Centipede | Ch 12

Sunside sat at camp making a fan out of her own hair “This actually feels nice!” she thought. It was 102 degrees F. She hears something in the sky. She looks up and sees the dragons.

I land silently on the grass, talons shifting as my weight goes from my wings to my feet. I look back at Seaweed, settling my wings into the proper position. I sigh and look back at the scavenger- Sunshiney, or whatever her name was.

When the dragon landed, Sunside said with shock “Blackbird you followed us for wherever you were”. She was surprised the dragon came; Blackbird didn’t seem like the type to come help people.

Seaweed flew the opposite way from camp and perched on a mountain for his perfect sniping spot.

K is pretty much just sitting there, ya know, digesting his elephant and playing Skyrim on Nintendo 3DS.

Someone is walking in the distance. I pull the trigger. I miss Sunside by an inch! But I hit the person in the distance.

K puts away his 3DS, without saving.

Seaweed takes cover behind the peak.

Sunside’s like “What…Was…That?”

A ghost of a smirk crosses my face, and I quickly assume a neutral expression.
“It was probably Tommy or something,” I say, yawning, pretending to fiddle with my neck pouch out of nervousness, but really I’m just keeping my talons as close as possible to my throwing discs.

Sunside notices something move in Blackbird’s neck pouch. She asks “What’s in your pouch?”

“None of your bloody business,” I snap at the scavenger, pinning my ears back.

K is going to propose that we all put our weapons down, including Blackbird.

“I don’t even have weapons,” I yawn, swiveling my ears toward the centipede in amusement. “But if you say to put them down, then I’d have to take them out first…”

Seaweed aims and fires a flare at another ridge about five miles away. Then he flies down the other side of the mountain.

K begins shooting more flares at ridges.

Sunside screams! “What is going on?!” She attempts to run for cover but falls over, tripping on a dry elephant bone. She lands hard on her hands and screams in pain.