Wings Of The Centipede | Ch 11

As Seaweed was walking through the tunnel he thought to himself, crazy RainWing running off.

Sunside tried calling for Seaweed to come for dinner. No one answers because the dragons want to do their own thing instead of saving the world.

I walk up next to Seaweed, tail slithering along the ground. I’m holding a marmot in my jaws, and planning to offer it to him.

K is beginning to digest his elephant.

Seaweed heard blackbird walking up behind him, “Hey you stop!” Said Seaweed as he turned around pointing a Glock 17 at her.

I held up a talon, a muffled “I come in peace,” around the marmot. I drop it and say, “You know how I’m an assassin, right?”

“And you know I’m trained a marine” said Seaweed.

“You thinking what I’m thinking?”


“Of the most excellent kind, oh fellow Pyrrhian,” I respond with a mischievous smirk, dropping the marmot. I fiddle with the buckle on my neck pouch, looking Seaweed dead in the eye.

“All right who are we going to murder?” said Seaweed returning the stare.

“I was thinking that overdone magic flying scavenger was getting a bit irritating. . .” I reply slyly, flicking my barbed tail.

“Lets go then” said Seaweed.

Sunside decided to head back to camp and hopes that her acquaintance will return in the morning.

K wonders where Seaweed is. He hopes that he comes back soon. Seaweed is the only one that gets him.