I smirk, watching them enter the tunnels with half-closed eyes. Silly, silly. People who work in teams, the heroes, always end up dead. Work for yourself, you always win. And if you do die, you don’t die for a stupid reason like ‘saving the world’. I’d like to watch the chaos, but they’re going to try to make me help them if I do. Maybe I’ll check out this ‘Tommy’ character.

Tommy knows it’s her but decides not to act upon this information. He thinks it might be useful.

In the Valley, K and Sunside are hunting.

While the others were up above hunting, Seaweed was attaching a flashlight to his m16 and clearing the tunnel.

Sunside found some berries and picked them for herself. Then she saw a rabbit and killed it. She wasn’t sure where K had gone. Then she heard his voice. She saw him approaching with a dead elephant.

K put down the elephant. “Do you want this digested or just normal?” he asks Sunside.

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I camouflage, slipping behind Tommy with my tail raised so it makes no sound. I slowly reach and pull out my dagger, and hold it to what I judge to be an important body part.

“Don’t move. One cut from this dagger, and you’re dead. Slowly and painfully. It’s soaked in RainWing venom,” I whisper. “I have a proposition.”

“What is it?” the ‘villain’ asks Blackbird.

“You want them gone, and I don’t like them,” I reply. “I’ll take them out. . . for a price.”

Sunside stares at K for a moment and says “You’re crazy and I want none of it!”

“Yes” K says,

Sunside wishes she was back in her cave, snuggling her cat.