The Hidden Force: Chapter IV 😮

Dinner was a Disaster

I sit down at the dinner table. Set in front of me is a china plate, silverware made out of real silver, a cloth napkin, and a cup also made of china. 

I look around for a moment but no one else is at the table yet. So politely I wait a bit for the King to come. 

The food also isn’t out yet so there’s nothing to do while I wait. I tap my fingers against the arms of my chair eagerly hoping the King will be here soon. 

After what feels like years the King arrives at the table. He doesn’t say anything. After a moment the man who let me into the castle walks out with a small suitcase. 

I watch him go past then look back at the King, “Why haven’t you kicked me out yet?” I ask impatiently. A couple people standing around (who I assume are servants) look over, probably wondering what the King is going to say as much as I am. 

Without even looking up at me he responds, “That is for me to know and for you to find out.” He snaps his fingers and the servants bring out the food. 

“Then I’ll ask this, do you know who I am?” I retort angrily. If he didn’t know my relation to this place and how I got here he wouldn’t have let me stay. 

“I have a theory.” he states calmly. 

“What does that mean?!” I yell. 

The servants gasp and look over at us to see what the King will do. I wait for him to respond and when he doesn’t I continue. 

“Look, I came here for answers! Not to play games!” I explain, still yelling. I get up from the table. As I’m about to leave the room, guards block the exit. I turn back to the King. He stands up and walks toward me. I back up to the point where I bump into the guards behind me. 

“You can leave.” he says, “You just aren’t trying hard enough.”

I don’t know what he means but at the same time I think he’s right. My hands feel warm. A warm red light starts to illuminate my hands. I quickly close them but it’s too late. 

“So you are like her.” he begins, “I can fix that.”

With that I open my hands and the guards fall over. In a moment of panic I run out the door. Guards are chasing me now but I hide in a closet. Unknowingly they run past my hiding spot. When they’re gone I rush to get my bag. I take some expensive looking things that thankfully aren’t too heavy. I stuff those in my bag. 

I peer out the door. No one is there. I locate the nearest exit and run outside. It’s nighttime and nearly pitch black but without another thought I run back into the woods. 

I run as far as possible but my bag slowly weighs me down and I collapse. I’m desperately gasping for air. My dress is now ripped and covered in mud, leaves, and dirt. 

I take my gym clothes and change into them. I put my jacket on too. Then I leave my dress on the ground and continue walking away from the castle. The guards are still on the look-out for me and I can’t stay in one place for long. 

I end up walking through the night. By morning I’m absolutely exhausted. 

It’s not as difficult to sleep during the day as it is during the night here. All the scariest animals seem to go to sleep during the day. I lay in a tree so I’m harder to see. Most people would be afraid to sleep in a tree but I find it quite nice. Or maybe that’s just the sleepiness talking. 

When I wake up again the sun is setting. I continue walking; Hoping I’ll find shelter or a way home. 

I thought I would be cold during the night, but the walking keeps me warm. I soon wonder how long this cycle will go on for. Sleep during the day, walk during the night. 

The answer to my question ended up being 5 times. I’ve just seen a town in the distance. Someone will be able to help me there. 

I’ll still have to walk for maybe one more day, but I’ll sleep easy (today).