Worm’s Business | Part XIV

“What is up?” shouted the cameraman into his microphone. Suddenly the elevator began to speak, “WELL THAT HAPPENED”.

The earthquake happened. The cameraman was safely floating above the chaos, which meant he had a front-row seat. He filmed all. All of life. All of death.

Worm escapes during the quake. He then continues his little prison break. Fred dies again. Worm holds a record for prison-escapes. Good for him!

Detective Cheddar was spending all his time yelling at Erodie. Of course. Oh poor Erodie! He wanted to work for Cheddar, nothing more, nothing less, nothing in between. His life was great when he was doing it properly. When he was unhappy he grew many top-hats.

“Right. EARTHQUAKE!” yelled Pickles as everyone was forgetting.

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