The Hidden Force: Chapter III 🏰

In the Castle

I sigh as a glimpse of moonlight peers through the trees. I have nowhere to go so I’ll have to camp in the forest. 

I take my jacket out of my backpack, using it as a blanket then I lay down to use my backpack as a pillow. 

As soon as I close my eyes I hear a rustle in the branches. I sit up and look around for the cause of the noise. There is nothing there. 

Hesitantly I lay back down. I refuse to sleep because if I do then I might not hear something or someone dangerous coming towards me. I don’t trust that I will be safe if I look away. Even if I only do so for a moment. 

Every so often I hear another rustle in the leaves or branches. Every time that happens I get up and look around to check if anything is nearby. 

After what seems like an eternity the sun rises. I didn’t get any sleep. I reluctantly get up from my spot on the ground. I continue walking toward the castle. 

Around noon I get to the castle. I bang on the large wooden doors. After a minute of silence I yell for someone inside to let me in. 

Finally I hear footsteps and someone opens the door. He is a tall man wearing a black suit. Not like a modern suit but one worn a long time ago. 

“Hi, I’m Eloria. I’ve been traveling a while and I was wondering if someone here could help me?” I say. 

“Were you the one making that horrible ruckus?” he asks. 

“I- y-yes. No one was answering the door and-” with that he slams the door in my face not bothering to hear what I was saying. 

“Rude,” I mutter. 

I walk over to a different entrance and knock on the door. This time someone immediately opens the door. It’s a different man in the same kind of suit. 

“Your business here?” the man asks. 

“I’ve been traveling a while and I was wondering if someone here could help me?” I repeat. 

The man starts to close the door but just as he’s about to I hold the door out with my hand and stop him. 

“Please let me in! I’ve come so far to get here!”I beg. 

He finally sighs and opens the door back up. Without another word he steps aside to let me in. 

When I walk inside I look around. It looks like any castle. I mean I think it looks like any other castle, I’ve never seen a real castle. 

Anyways, there’s a bunch of fancy and old things in this castle. It feels like walking into a living museum. 

“I need to check your bag miss,” the man states, snapping me out of my daze. 

“Yes, of course.” I say handing him it. 

He quickly checks through my bag. He pulls out my phone. He examines it thoroughly and then turns to me. 

“What is this?” he asks hesitantly. 

I realize that I can’t tell him it’s a phone because he won’t know what that is and he’ll kick me out of the castle. So I think for a moment and say. 

“It’s just a piece of artwork I’m working on. I’m not very good at sculpting” I manage. 

He nods and puts my phone back in the bag. I sigh with relief. With that he’s done with my bag search and gives me my bag back. 

He also leads me up to a bedroom. He tells me the bedroom’s mine for now until either the King kicks me out or until I leave. 

Although, if everything goes well I won’t ever have to leave. 

I lay on the bed and take out my phone. Of course there’s no reception here or wifi but I have a couple games I can play to pass the time. It doesn’t seem like there’s much else to do here. 

After a bit I put my phone away and take out my notebook. For a bit I doodle and write random things down. 

Then a woman dressed in a black dress and white apron. She’s carrying a purple dress with puffy sleeves. Yet again it’s one that looks like it’s from the 1800s. 

By now It’s clear I somehow traveled back in time. It’s the only explanation!

The woman tells me to put on the dress and meet the king for dinner in 20 minutes. She also tells me purple is his favorite color and that’s why the dress is purple. I’m pretty sure the king asked her to say that himself. 

Ironically purple is my favorite color too. Wait, that’s not ironic! A lot of people like the color purple. 

I put on the dress and step out. The woman is waiting for me and walks me to the dinner table. 

I’ve never been to a fancy dinner before, much less one with a king! I guess there’s a first time for everything.