Wings of the Centipede | Ch 9

Sunside was saying thank you to Seaweed for making her splint, when she heard Blackbird calling about the tunnel. “Do you think the tunnel is big enough for us to escape from Tommy?”

“I don’t know, and quite frankly, I don’t care!” I yell back, driving upwards.

K says “Well your perfectly just to just head back if you want to”.

“Maybe I could call in some reinforcements but that may take awhile!” I call to Sunside.

They hear Tommy roaring above “WHERE ARE YOU PESTS?!”

Sunside says “Uhhh, go through the tunnels or back up there to that angry dude? I’m going through! Who’s going to come?”

“I’ll come!” Seaweed agrees.

“I’m going with Sunside.” K says.

“Well I don’t think we are going to see Blackbird anytime soon!” Sunside comments.

I perch on top a nearby mountaintop, reveling in the chaos.

Sunside, K and Seaweed slowly climb into the tunnel.

Sunside is starting to trust the others but she doesn’t think that anyone will give her a ride. Her arm is sore so she moves slowly.

In the tunnel, they discover 2km of dirt.

After what feels like days of walking, they see a light. They come out in a lush, green valley.

“We’re not in the mountains anymore!”

K asks “Anyone want to go kill something?”

“To eat right?”


“Ok” says Sunside, not really believing it.