The Hidden Force: Chapter I 😍

How it all began

It was dark, pitch black in fact. The only light that shimmered in the night was a torch lit by the king. The king needed to hurry for he was in search of something incredibly important. He was in search of the oldest tree in time. It was told that if a sick person were to eat but a small bite of it they would live forever. And the King did indeed know someone who was quite sick. This was his last resort. He knew what eternal life meant. He knew it meant the immortal person would witness friends dying and children aging faster than they. So again, this is not what he wanted to do. But he knew he must do this. This one task that if unachievable would result in fatal results. So here he was alone at night searching for something of myth. He truly believed he would fail but decided to be determined instead. He was thankfully quite fast and managed to make it to this tree well before morn. “You’re making a terrible mistake” a voice called out. The King was startled for he was nearly sure that no one had been here at this hour.

“Who are you?” the King shouted, “Show yourself!” he continued.

“Are you sure you want me to do that?” the voice asked.

“Why else would I be asking?” the king answered.

“I would assume that’s for you to find out, your highness.” the voice explained matter-a-factly.

“Stop with your games! Come out!” the King yelled as he began to be annoyed with these odd comments by this strange voice.

“Alright then.” the owner of the voice stepped forward. She was tall and elegant, her skin was the color of warm caramel, and her eyes were blue as crystal. She also wore a ruby red dress that sparkled like diamonds.

“Is this what you wanted to see?” the woman asked.

“Why would someone of your manner be out this late at night?” he questioned changing the subject.

“I could ask the same of you” she answers, still confusing the King.

“I came out in search of the oldest tree in time.”

“Yes, I know” she said, “but why are you in search of such a remedy? An eternal life, you know, is not a pleasant fate.”

“Yes, I’ve figured that out myself, but you see I need such a remedy that doesn’t exist. One impossible to find.” the King explains.

“Who might be so desperate as to need such a remedy?” the woman asks. 

“If I give you the name of the one who I am helping, then may you tell me of your name.”

“My name is Ilali.” the woman says, “Now will you tell me of such a person a need of this kind of punishment?” she continues. 

“It’s my little sister, Bertha.” the king answers. 

“I-I understand.” Ilali responds, “I think I might have a better way to cure her. But I need to know what illness has befallen her.”

The King was desperate so he decided to take this risk. If it meant Bertha might live to see another day. 

“Scarlet Fever” the King answers, “She has Scarlet Fever.”

“Yes, I do think I can help her.” she assures the King. 

“How?” the King asks in utter disbelief.

Ilali walks up to him and puts her hand on the side of his face. “Do you believe in magic?” she asks. 

“I will,” he answers. 

After a three day journey back to the King’s kingdom of Nesi. Ilali heals Bertha, no one knows how or why but she did it. The King is overwhelmingly grateful. He asks her if she has anywhere else to stay. Sadly she replies ‘no’. The King asks her if she’d like to stay in the castle with him. She is ecstatic! Eventually they fall for each other.

But this endlessness doesn’t last forever. After all this isn’t a fairytale. One day the King finds out a secret of Ilali’s. One that would change their lives forever. That she wasn’t human. She was a witch. While she had never done any real harm to King. He now knew she had lied to him for as long as they had known each other. He kicked her out of the castle for it was looked down upon for royals to meddle in magic or anyone who practices such a craft. 

2 weeks later Ilali found out she was pregnant. When she told the king he wanted to send her to exile but he wanted the baby. So, he kept her once again at the castle. But Ilali escaped. With the help of some powerful witches, she managed to send her daughter 192 years into the future. To 2006, where Ilali hoped she would be safe. All this child had was a blanket which had her name on it, Eloria. And it worked. Ilali cried a million tears that day, but she knew it was the right thing to do. But little did she know what kind of fate would befall her.