I fly down and yell into the pit “Hmm, are you dead??” Seaweed asks.

“I think I broke my arm!” Sunside yells, “Help me out of here!”

K grabs Sunside and tries to fix her arm, he hears kind of a crack, then drops her.

“AAhhh!” she screams. “NOT helpful!”

K calls “Seaweed, come and fix this? Evidently you know more about it than I do!”

“Well Ok!” Seaweeds comes down and puts Sunside’s arm in a splint.

The pit began to crumble. The back wall gave way to a small tunnel.

I sigh as I watch the chaos below, deciding to go and help the tiny-brain human and the irritating centipede. Once in the caves, as my vision adjusts, I notice a darker patch on the wall. Abandoning the thought of helping them, I walk over. It’s a tunnel that seems to have branching passages along it. “Guys, there’s a tunnel here,” I snort.