Wings of the Centipede | Chapter 7

Tommy rose from the smoke cackling evilly, two hours later they remembered the questions from last chapter. What did Michael Myers taste like? Like a bunch of lead.

Sunside shoots a laser beam at Tommy saying “Stop evil-doer Tommy thing!” She’s been training for this her entire life.

K flicks Sunside in the head.

“Fight evil NOW! Complain about problems later.”

K throws a smoke grenade.

I book it to the mountain and pull out a 50 cal. I aim it at Tommy but I don’t pull the trigger yet.

I pull out a lethal dart gun, aiming at Tommy. “If I shoot this, he’ll be dead in a few seconds,” I say, glancing around at the others that have weapons.

Being a spyglass, Tommy is mostly metal and therefore bulletproof.

Seaweed pulls out a D&D die. He rolls it. It lands on one, so it misses Tommy. It hits a rock and ricochets over Seaweed’s head. “Aim for his lens, everybody!”

K starts texting his friends “There’s a giant spyglass here. Do you want to like meet up on Friday or something?”

Sunside hits K and says “Fight evil bad guy!” then shoots a laser beam at Tommy.

K retaliates by yelling “I can do what I want!”

Seaweed pulls the trigger and rolls the D&D dice again, and it lands on 18, it hits just barely on the lens. He rolls a dice for damage. It lands on 7. It did 17 damage.

Tommy screams! “My lens! You’ve cracked my lens! Ahhhhhh!!!”

The earth begins to shake. Sunside falls in a pit with K.

K lands on his 100 legs “I’m fine.”

Seaweed sits and watches from the mountain. He pulls out and MRE ration and starts munching.

Sunside yells in pain “I think I broke my arm!”

I stare at the stupid human, and her useless squishy body. I’ve already taken off, and avoid the chaos below.