Worm’s Business | PArt XI: Erodie’s Revenge

Suddenly Erodie leaped out of the darkness and threw himself on Detective Cheddar, grappling him.

“You are FIRED!” Cheddar yelled at a bumbling Erodie. Erodie wasn’t surprised. He knew it was inevitable. He swung his leg into a book-portal, ripped it open, got hit with a heavy book.

“What the eevat! That’s Ruby’s sketchbook!” Suddenly, Happiness the evil dolphin appeared. He stole Ruby’s aforementioned sketchbook and flew away but Erodie said no. So Happiness dropped the news.

“The sketchbook is empty! Foolish Mole!”

Erodie grew a top hat, “Like I care.” And with that Erodie buried himself.

Suddenly another top hat appeared. Mammoth’s top hat.