Wings of the Centipede | Chapter 6

Sunside throws her hands in the air “Look out! It’s Tommy!”

“Tommy doesn’t sound so bad” says K.

Blackbird eats Michael Myers.

“I am the ultimate ruler of the universe! Die mortals!” yelled Tommy, proudly.

“Are you sure you’re the ultimate ruler?” asks Seaweed.

“I am the ultimate ruler. Don’t question me, if you do I’ll shoot you off the face of the planet! I AM TOMMY!”

Can our heros survive the ultimate challenge of Tommy? Michael Myers respawns.

“Tommy! I am Sunside, daughter of the sun goddess and I shall defeat you and save the universe!”

Seaweed throws a grenade at Tommy and ducks for cover while yelling “get to cover!”

I hoist myself up in the air, driving through the low-hanging clouds in seconds. I have no wish to blow up, and am not entirely sure why I’m here.

As seaweed is in cover he gets a military radio and contacts the seawing army.

Sunside makes a forcefield around herself and the centipede.

Tommy is hit by the grenade, the smoke is clearing but it’s hard to tell if he’s alive or not.

Is Tommy alive? Is everyone okay? What did Michael Myers taste like?

Find out next week in chapter 7!