Worm’s Business | Part IX

“I, um, well, might have but I don’t have them because they are waiting in… an elevator!” Erodie stuttered.

“So you left two wanted criminals alone and went top-hat shopping? What were you thinking!? You know I could fire you right now!” Detective Cheddar shouted.

Cheddar called Bob, the evil starfish, to get the job done. Erodie was furious. He shouted “How could you?!”

“Who’s you?” Bob ungrammatically stated.

Cheddar sighed because he loves grammar.

Meanwhile Worm and Mammoth were busy creating the trust. They did trust the elevator but the elevator didn’t trust them. Trust building activities such as chatting, playing, haircuts, reading, and making cheese created a friendly atmosphere. “How about now?” Mammoth wondered aloud. Finally the elevator door opened.

“YES! YOU SHALL PASS.” the elevator squawked. Just then, Bob hit the emergency red button. No! The elevator became a tiny little prison.

“What the eevat just happened?!” Worm scream-wondered aloud.