Wings of the centipede chapter five

“Wah ha ha!” cried Tommy the Evil Spyglass. “Those fools are so busy worrying about each other they haven’t even realized my plan to destroy the continent with a sun beam!”

I’m Sunside, what are your names?”

Tommy turns around and sees a chicken eating chicken. He smacks it off a cliff.

“This place is full of cannibals,” Tommy muttered, shaking his head. “I just want to nuke it and leave.

“My name is Blackbird,” I say grudgingly, not wanting to tell the scavenger personal information because it might be a trap.

K pulled an Glock-17 out of his pocket and aimed it at the dragons suspiciously. “Sussy bakas,” he muttered.

Seaweed pulls out a camo hat, a M4A1 and a military badge from the seawing army. “Please put the gun down, caterpillar,” as he pointed it at the oversized creature.

K pointed his gun right back at the SeaWing and retaliated with: “YOU put the gun down.”

“Everyone stop fighting!” Sunside yells.

K says, “Är det någon som har någon 1910 Coca-Cola?”

“Ja, jag har alltid några på mig,” Seaweed replies.

Varför tar ni med er droger regelbundet? Och kan du ge mig några?” I ask curiously.

Sunside hears something behind her and yells “Watch out!”

I turn around and catch catapulted Michael Myers, with my talons, as a little girl skips behind me, singing “Never Gonna Give You Up.”

Artist: Rick Astley
Album: Whenever You Need Somebody
Released: 1987