Worm’s Business | Part VI

The carrot hit the “two morons” in the face!

“Ow!” yelled Worm and Mammoth. Sproing thought it was hilarious and laughed “Wahahaha!” as he sat in the magical cloud that was made out of misty cheeses: his newest invention. He was quite pleased, and decided to market his cloud to Antarctica. Almost everyone had gone because Worm turned off CheeseChunes in the country. They needed privacy to think of a scheme for overcoming the FromageForce. It would be the greatest scheme Antarctica had ever witnessed.

As they schemed, Sproing watched while eating bagels. “Silly Worm!” he pulled his phone out of his ear and began dialing Pizza Hut and then waited. But Pizza Hut was quite swamped and wouldn’t deliver a single pizza. So Sproing made rubber frozen carrot pizza and served it to both Worm and Mammoth to eat. However, they hated carrots so they said “no.” Sproing was very upset so he threw the pizzas in their faces.

They responded with calling Detective Cheddar, who was late. The swamped again Pizza Hut needed a new system to serve Antarctica and contacted the best cheese for the pizza. The local health authority called the FromageForce *DUN DUN DUUNN*

Sproing fled as the FromageForce Agents stormed the scene, searching for three rubber, frozen carrots. They knew Sproing was doing his mission all wrong. They were sending their best people out after him and then he disguised himself as a snow pile.

To be continued…