Worms Business | Part V

Worm sat up from his chair and said, “We are going to need a variety of old maps.”

Mammoth replied, “Why?”

Worm was now determined to prove Mammoth wasn’t good. “Because we need maps for plans! For finding fans!” A lie. Obviously. They were maps of Mammoth’s personal hiding spots and were the finest maps ever made.

“I don’t like this at all.” said Sproing, who was spying on them from outside. He was still part of the Fromage Force, which hadn’t given up on the case even though they had been working very lazily since 2019. Sproing was the only one working hard at enforcing cheese laws.

Worm and Mammoth decided to check outside. They found Sproing in a cold, icy pool, chewing on his frozen rubber carrot. “Aha!” cried Worm. “Found you! Spy!”

“Drat!” yelled Sproing, “I’ve been foiled! You two morons-” Sproing chucked the frozen rubber carrot at them and yelled “-should get a taste of rubber!”