Wings of the centipede | Chapter 3

Kkhekkhhc slithered out from under the fallen tree.

Sunside hears a crack – she wasn’t sure what happened! Then she realized that a falling tree had knocked her into a hole and covered her up.

Kkhekkhhc took out a bowl from one of his various pockets. He emptied a bag of All Dressed chips into it and ate them, ignoring Sunside.

Blackbird soars overhead.

I see a seawing poking his head out of a cave in the rock and debate flying up for a minute before I swoop upwards and change back to normal colors, shedding my invisibility. “Hello” I say, tapping the seawing on the shoulder. “what are you doing here?”

I feel a tap on my shoulder. I turn around very slowly and say “Hi! I was just flying over and I saw this GIANT centipede and a scavenger. What are you doing here?” asked Seaweed.

“The same” I say sitting down on the cave floor, “I actually know that centipede. The scavenger, though, I’ve never seen before” Blackbird replied.

“Huh, I don’t actually know the centipede well. I just saw the centipede talking to the scavenger so I came and decided to watch.”

“The scavenger is trapped. We could eat her but she will be stringy and taste like fish. Blech!”

Sunside could use her powers to get out of the hole, but she is nervous about revealing her powers to the Centipede. Sunside thinks to herself If I use my powers to get out, I might have an ally or I might have someone who wants to hurt me

“Well, I suppose I should go. I cant be seen fraternizing with centipedes, scavengers, and who knows what else”. I turn and spread my wings to fly off but then remember that as soon as I get home I will probably be forced into another assassination. I sigh, fold my wings up with a snap and plop on the stone floor with a thump.