Worm’s Business Part IV

Elephant was Mammoth. Where was he going to find a salon in Antarctica to play the part of an elephant? He needed a plan! He got a full body wig and placed it on a second cardboard mammoth. “Worm will be fooled.” Pleased with himself, he set off to Worm’s castle to show him the captured mammoth.

Surprisingly, Worm was not convinced. “I am very disappointed. You bring me the real Mammoth or you will pay with your cheeses.

Elephant/Mammoth gasped. “But I really love your cheeses. I could never give them up!” He wasn’t lying. It was against his deepest intuition and principles.

Worm wasn’t necessarily suspicious, he just thought “This elephant doesn’t really know Mammoth!” he decided. Then Elephant’s hair grew at the rate of the speed of light!

“Gasp!” gasped Worm. “Mammoth? Is that YOU? How could you be an adoring fan of me, you hate Cheese Chunes! Never even left comments!”

“I can explain! I was sent to sing for Cheese Chunes, but I really am an adoring fan! The Fromage Force wants to sabotage your entire career! I want to help you!”

“Don’t lie to me. You’re working with those idiots! I can never trust you, you cheese scarfer!”

“Not anymore! I’m with you buddy!”

Worm agreed to Mammoth helping him, reluctantly. They needed to ensure that they could trust each other at least. So they created a test.