Worm’s Business Part III

Sproing fell into a deep thought “Hmmm” he pondered, suddenly his radio made static sounds “kkkckkkkkckk” it said.

“OH NO! The Fromage Force cannot contact me!” he said to himself, nibbling on a carrot made out of rubber, a chewing toy.

Meanwhile, Erodie was waiting in an interrogation room. “What do you think you were supposed to do?” questioned Detective Cheddar. “I um… well, know nothing so…”

“Don’t insult me!” Detective Cheddar was mad, “Tell me where… is… Mammoth!” he spat with pure passion.

Erodie was terrified, “I don’t know! Really!”

Cheddar didn’t care. “You’re gonna tell me!”

“I failed!” the mole sobbed. “I’ll never be part of the society!”

“Oh, okay, SYM you mean?” Cheddar looked confused. He decided to stop questioning Erodie.

Worm was partying, living the dream, when suddenly “Ouch!” a fan cried, an elephant. He stepped on a Lego that had spikes, those were awful. “Worm, save my poor toes!” Worm grabbed his feet and tossed the elephant into the first aid tent, where none other than Mammoth stood. Or did he? Mammoth had printed a life-sized picture of himself. It wasn’t very realistic because he’d used tape to hold it up. Also Elephant was suspiciously lurking under the chairs, looking for something round and squishy, it was a scavenger hunt to find cheese! Cheesecake specifically. He was drooling like a baby with candy. Suddenly there was Worm, he figured it out!

“Mammoth is paper!” he exclaimed. At the same time Elephant was sweating because he lacked the precious cheesecake. For some reason he still hadn’t clued in about Worm knowing that his fake Mammoth was a red herring, a hoax! Out of nowhere Worm grabbed Elephant and he said: “Forget your toe! Go find Mammoth!”