No one knew that mammoth shaved because he was supposedly in Australia. So the worm hired him eagerly. Worm knew that Mammoth couldn’t resist the sweet sounds. But worm started promoting his songs globally. Everyone loved Cheese Chunes and Worm got messages from adoring fans.

Meanwhile Mammoth was plotting against Worm. Mammoth hadn’t messaged the Fromage Force so they decided to search Antarctica for Worm themselves.

They came with Sproing The Bunny, the evil mastermind. Sproing quickly set foot in the snow. Sproing was very excited about this case. He asked everyone and quickly discovered the hiding place of Mammoth.

Mammoth hollered “Noooo!” when Sproing found him and activated the alarms, which trapped Sproing! Sproing wasn’t scared. He knew that those mere alarms couldn’t keep him trapped. He jumped down his ice slide he had collected on his ears and backflipped out the door.

He sprinted down the icy peaks. On accident he caused an avalanche, but it was not that bad.

Meanwhile, Worm was partying with his adoring fans and eating cheesecake. He sent the avalanche to the government who investigated it. They were very concerned by the suspiciousness of everything and kept it from the public.

Cheesecake and dancing were everything to the people of Antarctica. However, there were suspicions lurking. Especially around the Castle Of Worm. They sent a private, undercover spy named Erodie to uncover the mysteries. He decided to search the Mammoth’s secret undercover files. He tunneled into the hidden base and started searching. Unfortunately Sproing was already there! The rabbit was wearing a polka dot swimsuit and swim cap. Erodie laughed loudly. Then he noticed that Sproing was behind him! He moved to strike with his claws but Sproing hopped away, laughing maniacally! “I’ll never stop being evil!” he hooted wildly. Then he raced away!

Erodie paused, confused. Then he continued, “You suck at leaving no evidence behind, you silly…” Sproing didn’t hear the last bit. He jumped into a deep snow swimming pool. Is he okay?